Confessions of Riot-Grrrl....

Never stop rioting,even when you`re dead!

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\\\\\\\\     \\\       /// \\\    ///  \\\\\\\\\    /////////     \\\\\\       \\\\\\         \\\ 
\\\    \\\    \\\    ///   ///  ///    ///          ///           ///   \\\    ///   \\\       /// 
///     \\\     \\\///      \\\\\\     \\\////      \\\   ___   \\\\\\\\      \\\\\\\\        \\\
\\\    ///       ///      ///   \\\    ///          ///    ///    ///    \\\    ///     \\\     ///
////////        ///      \\\     \\\  \\\\\\\\\\    \\\\\\\\\     \\\      \\\  \\\       \\\   \\\//////

|All you need to know about me are listed below|

/*If you are sure then you can begin gathering info about me/*

[user@remotehost ~]$ ssh -l nobody dyke_grrl.llivejournal.com
Warning: Permanently added 'xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx' (RSA) to the list of known
hosts, guest logging allowed, type 'enter' as a password
nobody@dyke_grrl.llivejournal.com's password:--
Guest login sucsessful,welcome to dyke_grrl`s small world!!!
[nobody@dyke_grrl.livejournal.com ~]$

/*Ok good wanna know who am I?/*

[nobody@dyke_grrl.livejournal.com ~]$ id dyke_grrl
uid=501(dyke_grrl) gid=502(dykes) groups=501(dyke_grrl),502(dykes)

/*Cool now you know it! still interesting? ok let us look what I am:)/*
[nobody@dyke_grrl.livejournal.com ~]$ uname -a

Female localcity 2.9+1 Tue Sep 29 04:01:32 CET 1975 i686 IntelECTUAL CPU Lesbian/GNU

/*Well done!!Interesting what inside of me?/*
[nobody@dyke_grrl.livejournal.com ~]$ ls -la
drwxr-xr-x    10dyke_grrl dykes     Nov 1 2003 ./
drwxr-xr-x    20root        root         Apr 15 1999 ../
--wx------      1dyke_grrl dyke_grrl    ---- - 20--  .life_logout
-rw-rw----     1dyke_grrl dyke_grrl Sep 29 1975 .life_profile
drwxwxr---   1dyke_grrl dykes        Apr 5 2003 dreams/
dr---r---x      1dyke_grrl dykes        Nov 1 2003 sorrows/
drw-rwx---   1dyke_grrl dykes        Apr 5 2003 love/
drwx------    1dyke_grrl dykes        Nov 1 2003 thoughts/
drw-------     1dyke_grrl dykes        Nov 1 2003 private/
drwxrwxrw- 1dyke_grrl dykes        Nov 1 2003 friends/

/*Now you now almost everything about me:))good luck:))/*
[nobody@dyke_grrl.livejournal.com ~]$ cd ./private
bash: cd: private: Permission denied

/*sorry guys frends only,if you still don`t change your mind and still want to know me better
then just do this: cd ./friends ,sging up descibind me why I should add you, also dont foget
add me at first befire )) Have a nice day!/*

[nobody@dyke_grrl.livejournal.com ~]$ logout
Connection to dyke_grrl.livejournal.com closed.
[user@remotehost ~]$

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